Cleaning up your D-Pro fixture library

The Problem

The standard D-Pro installation includes a default library of around 240 fixtures. You may not actually need any of these. In addition, you may over time have imported a bunch of extra fixtures that you no longer use.

It would be nice to delete these redundant fixtures from your D-Pro library, to clean up the list of fixtures shown in the patch window.

The Fix

The D-Pro fixture library is a single file on your computer called Fixtures.dsf:

  • OS X: /Library/Application Support/ENTTEC/D-Pro/Fixtures.dsf
  • Windows: C:\Program Files (x86)\ENTTEC\D-Pro 2U\Fixtures.dsf
  • Windows: C:\Program Files (x86)\ENTTEC\D-Pro 8U\Fixtures.dsf

Simply replace the above file with this empty database:

What happens next?

Now, restart D-Pro (with a live Internet connection). When your project opens, D-Pro will warn you about the missing fixtures…

Click ‘Yes’ and D-Pro will automatically download all the missing fixtures…

Now in the patch window, you see a nice clean library containing only the fixtures you need…

Repeat this process for every active D-Pro project you use, to fully populate the fixture library with everything you need.

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