Comparison chart (DMXIS, Show Buddy, D-PRO)

DMXIS standalone applicationDMXIS + Show BuddyDMXIS plugin + sequencer (Logic, Cubase etc)D-PRO
What does it do?Adds pre-programmed DMX light shows to your gigs, driven from a footswitch or a MIDI keyboard.Automatically plays backing tracks, runs your DMX light show and controls your MIDI equipment. Adds synchronised DMX lighting to a sequencer-based audio show via the DMXIS VST/AU plug-in.Controls up to 8 universes of DMX equipment. Provides advanced lighting design tools for complex shows.
Who is it for?Artists who need a simple light show, but have no dedicated lighting engineer.Performers who need simple hands-free automation of audio, lighting and other equipment.Artists who use an audio sequencer on stage, and want to add synchronised DMX lighting to their show.Lighting designers who need advanced control of complex lighting rigs for demanding projects.
Runs on Windows or Mac OSXYesYesYesYes
Number of DMX universes1 (512 channels)1 (512 channels)1 (512 channels)Up to 8 (4096 channels)
Supported DMX hardware interfaces
DMXIS hardware interface (included with every DMXIS purchase)YesYesYesYes
Art-Net (including ODE (Open DMX Ethernet) and Datagate)Yes