DMXIS 1.6.3 release notes

DMXIS 1.6.3 public release

A new release of DMXIS 1.6.3 is now available for download. This release adds remote control features, for greatly simplified manual control of shows.

Tap Tempo

This much-requested feature lets you manually sync the speed of DMXIS oscillators & chases by tapping out the tempo on the footswitch, a MIDI controller, or a touch device (such as an iPad running TouchOSC).

Footswitch preferences with new Tap Tempo option

MIDI Clock

The DMXIS master tempo will automatically synchronise to any incoming MIDI clock signal. Use this to sync DMXIS chases to a compatible application, such as Traktor DJ.

Traktor DJ controlling DMXIS tempo via MIDI Clock

OSC remote control

DMXIS can now be remotely controlled from an OSC app, such as TouchOSC or Lemur running on an iOS or Android device. When combined with Tap Tempo, this delivers a powerful hands-on control surface for busking live shows.