DMXIS – the award winning lighting control package for performers

DMXIS is the easy way to create exciting live light shows with your Mac OS or Windows-based computer.

DMXIS Screenshot

Your light show is pre-programmed in advance of your gig (using simple sliders and effects tools). Then during the gig you simply step through your lightshow with a basic footswitch, or (for more control) use a MIDI foot pedal or keyboard to switch between scenes and fade your lighting up & down.

DMXIS includes both the software and a professional standard single-universe USB-DMX hardware interface, designed by ENTTEC.

Where to buy DMXIS

DMXIS is distributed worldwide by ENTTEC. You can buy it from your local ENTTEC distributor, or you can place your order online at (Online orders ship from your nearest ENTTEC distribution centre in Europe, the USA, or Australia)

Other resources

Check the knowledgebase for tutorial videos and frequently asked questions.

If you have a DMXIS support issue, please email it to