Show Buddy – show automation for live performers

Show Buddy organises your gigs, plays your backing tracks, runs your DMXIS light show, and controls your MIDI equipment – leaving you free to concentrate on a great performance!

“What can I say, I’m loving Show Buddy so much. It has pretty much negated the need to use Ableton Live for my show control.” – Neil James, UK
“It’s freaking awesome… The more gigs I do the more private bookings and nice comments I get .. Show Buddy and DMXIS is a game changer” - Steve Forward, UK


Here, Show Buddy is playing Steve’s backing tracks and running the fully synchronised light show. Everything is hands-free and fully automated, leaving Steve free to concentrate on his (awesome) performance.

The next video shows the absolute basics – how to get up & running with Show Buddy & DMXIS from scratch.

Here is an overview of all the Show Buddy features.

See more videos with more features at the end of this page!


  • Designed from the ground up for DMXIS users.
  • Easy to use drag & drop interface.
  • Visual overview of lighting cues, fade in/out times and MIDI events.
  • Track library for managing songs, Show library for managing playlists.

Show Buddy gives you fully automated hands-free sound & light, but in an extremely user friendly interface, customised to the needs of the gigging professional. It’s ideal for those wanting the simplest possible way to create a fully automated sound & light show.

Read the Show Buddy user manual

Where to buy

Show Buddy is available as a downloadable product from our authorised worldwide vendor Avangate. A single Show Buddy license costs US $119 (inclusive of VAT for EU customers)...

Buy Show Buddy (via Avangate)
Single license – US $119

Show Buddy is also available from these authorised retailers:

Orders placed direct with db audioware are processed by Avangate, our worldwide reseller. You can purchase from Avangate using credit card or PayPal, and can be up and running within minutes! Prices shown include VAT / Tax where applicable. Your license & installation instructions will be emailed to you as soon as your payment is confirmed.

Demo version

A fully functional demo version of Show Buddy is available for Windows and OS X:

Get the Show Buddy demo here!

The demo is identical to the full product, but no data is saved (i.e. the demo always starts with an empty Track Library and Song Library) and the demo runs for 30 minutes.

Tutorial videos

Release 1.1.0  adds control of external MIDI devices, and exporting to MIDI files, see this tutorial:

Release 1.2.0 main features:

System Requirements

  • Mac OS X 10.8 or better with Intel processor
  • Windows 7 or better
  • DMXIS hardware interface