Lighting & show control software

Show Buddy

Setlist manager + backing track player

Show Buddy organises your gigs, plays your backing tracks, runs your light and video show, and controls your MIDI equipment – leaving you free to concentrate on a great performance!

Show Buddy works with either DMXIS (to control lighting) or Show Buddy Active (to control lighting and video).

Show Buddy Active

DMX lighting + video controller

Brand new for 2018, Show Buddy Active is our next generation of lighting & video controller. With multiple universes of DMX control, advanced visual effects and video output, this is the perfect control software for performers and designers wanting to create ambitious automated multimedia shows.

Show Buddy Active works with DMXIS, and also offers Art-Net support.

DMXIS : award-winning lighting control

Specifically designed for live bands & solo performers, DMXIS lets you create exciting automated light shows with your Mac or Windows based computer.

You can control the light show manually from a simple foot switch, or for full hands-off automation, use the VST or Audio Unit plug-in to run the light show using an audio sequencer such as Ableton Live or Logic Pro.

D-Pro : multiplatform professional DMX control

D-Pro is a software based lighting controller which plays well with a host of different professional level hardware devices from ENTTEC. It has plenty of advanced features for the most demanding lighting professional, allowing for control of up to 8 universes worth of DMX data, and it packs more than a few innovations. D-Pro’s graphical user interface will allow novices and veterans alike a quick learning curve, but for the seasoned operator who wishes it, a robust command line is available. It supports virtually unlimited cues, palettes and groups, a multi-layered cuelist playback engine, scripting, effects and much more.


ArtNetMon is a free utility for displaying Art-Net lighting data. Very handy for debugging those pesky Art-Net network problems.

Did we mention it’s completely free? Grab your copy now!