Show Buddy Active – latest release

DMXIS Platinum is now Show Buddy Active!

We have renamed DMXIS Platinum to remove any confusion with the hardware-based DMXIS product.

Moving forward, “Show Buddy Active” more accurately reflects our ambitions for this product, which is to help you put on fantastic multimedia live shows.

Show Buddy Active 2.0.11 full installers
22 Nov 2018

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This new release is recommended for all customers. No specific preparation is required, the Show Buddy Active 2.0.11 installer will automatically import your latest show data and fixtures from DMXIS Platinum. Your license also remains intact.

Plug-ins : The plug-in names have changed with 2.0.11, however most host programs will detect the new 2.0.11 plug-in automatically. In certain hosts, you may need to manually load the 2.0.11 plug-in again.

Windows 10 users : after installation, you can uninstall the old DMXIS Platinum software at your convenience.

Show Buddy users : a Show Buddy 1.6.2 patch is available which supports 2.0.11. Contact and we’ll send you a download link!

However, as with all software upgrades, PLEASE BACKUP YOUR IMPORTANT DATA BEFORE PROCEEDING. Sorry for shouting, but you know backups make sense 🙂

2.0.11 Release Notes


  • Rebrand :  DMXIS Platinum is now Show Buddy Active.
  • Added Sample Show with an example rig layout and sample presets.

Issues fixed

  • Fixed Patch Channels window functionality.
  • Minimum window size is now 900×700.

2.0.10 Release Notes

Features added

  • Save current preset from keyboard with Ctrl-C
  • Save a new preset from keyboard with Ctrl-N
  • Improved visualiser compatibility with older RGB fixture definition files.

Issues fixed

  • Fixed issue with preset list – preset was deselected following a save.
  • Fixed Hide unused button – was not working following a show load, or after fixtures were deleted.
  • Art-Net output was not updating correctly when deleting entries in the Universes window.

2.0.9 Release Notes

Features added

  • Added ‘Rename fixture’ button to the visualiser edit toolbar.
  • Visualiser now shows amber & white colour channels.
  • Added MIDI Learn button to master panel. You can now edit MIDI mappings within the plug-in.
  • When video window is opened, it positions itself on your primary monitor. You can now click the video button twice to find the video window if you lose it off-screen.
  • Improved scanning of fixture profiles. A greater number of old DMXIS fixture profiles will now work in the visualiser without additional modification.
  • Added a couple of hint dialogs on startup.

Issues fixed

  • Fixed random spike in CPU loads when quickly changing presets from MIDI or OSC control.
  • Fixed Master ‘Fade Time’ ON/OFF button. Was not reverting to the default preset fade times.
  • Fixed crash on startup (related to activating OSC within the Preferences window)
  • Video window icon on visualiser now reflects the current window state.
  • Pixel-mapping now triggers at the centre of fixture icons. Was previously triggering on top-left corner.
  • Fixed typo in startup message.