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Power Pairings

DMXIS plus Show Buddy Setlist

DMXIS and Show Buddy Setlist is a great combination for performers who use backing tracks.

Creating dedicated light shows for each of the tracks in your library is easy – just drag your DMXIS lighting presets on to the track’s timeline waveform and save it. Then, choose your songs, assemble your set list in the show library and you’re all set for your gig. It’s the simplest possible way to create a fully automated sound and light show.

Show Buddy Active + Show Buddy Setlist

The combination of Show Buddy Active and Show Buddy Setlist adds a further dimension to multimedia shows – video.

Show Buddy Active presets can include images or video clips for projection, as well as control lighting, so it’s just as easy to sync sound, light and video. But that’s just for starters. Unleash your imagination with Show Buddy Active’s advanced visual effects and ability to animate any aspect of the projected display to tempo or audio, and you have the tools to create a truly immersive multimedia show.


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