Dev Release Nov 2023

9 November 2023

New development releases of Show Buddy Active and Show Buddy Setlist are now available, and we need your help to test them!

If interested, please send an email to and I’ll reply with download instructions. At this point, we’re restricting testing to registered owners only, so please include your SBA or SBS serial number in your email.

Development releases let you try the very latest software, before that software goes onto a more comprehensive public beta testing phase. Development releases are tested by us in-house, but some bugs may remain and you definitely should NOT use development releases for live shows, unless you are completely happy with the performance. Ideally, development releases should be installed and tested on a secondary computer – not your main live rig.

If you do decide to install a development release on your main computer, you should at a minimum make a full backup of your show data. Ideally, you should also make sure you have an easy way to revert your computer to a known point (for example with Time Machine on a Mac).

What’s new?

This release brings full Apple Silicon compatibility, and VST3 plug-in support.

Both SBA and SBS have simple backup & restore. Every file required by your shows is packed into a single backup file – no more manual copying of files when moving shows between computers. If you design your shows at home and need to transfer them quickly to your show laptop, or if you need to share shows between band members, this feature is a life saver! Of course, it’s also designed to be used for keeping full backups of your show data for archive purposes.

The new media window in Show Buddy Active makes browsing and management of images and videos a breeze.

The new grid layout in Show Buddy Setlist is great if you busk your shows in a random order, rather than stepping through songs in a predefined set list.

A detailed list of changes is included below.

Show Buddy Active 2.2.4 change log

Changes made to Show Buddy Active since the current 2.1.6 public release.

  • New system requirement : requires macOS 10.15 or better.
  • Standalone and plug-ins run natively on Apple Silicon Macs.
  • Added VST3 plug-ins (for both macOS and Windows).
  • Improved general performance, and especially performance of video playback.
  • Added backup & restore (.sab backup files) to the File menu. You can backup & restore selected shows (perfect for syncing multiple computers, or sharing with others) or all shows, for archiving purposes.
  • Video output now supports resolutions up to Full HD (1920×1080).
  • New Media Window allows easy management of video & audio files.
  • New media browser in Effects tab allows easy browsing of available images & videos while editing presets.
  • Image and video files (imported on the Effects tab) are now stored in a local Media Folder.
  • Added “Manage fixtures” window allowing import, export and deletion of fixture files.
  • Extended MIDI Ch 15/16 remote control behaviour. You can now customise the channel numbers or disable the feature completely. In addition, note range can be defined. This lets you share one channel for both bank & preset control. Great for limited controllers like the AKAI APC Mini. For example, the bottom 4 rows of buttons on an APC mini can trigger banks, while the upper 4 rows trigger presets.
  • Added “Sync oscillators to song position” Preferences option. Allows plug-in to freely trigger oscillators when a preset is loaded, rather than syncing oscillators to the host song position.
  • Added OSC control of the master fade slider.
  • Can now deselect faders with <Ctrl> key.
  • Added Help menu option to re-active all Tip messages.
  • Mouse wheel can now adjust selected faders.
  • Various bug fixes.

Show Buddy Setlist 1.9.1 change log

Changes made to Show Buddy Setlist since the current 1.8.1 public release.

  • Runs natively on Apple Silicon Macs.
  • New system requirement : requires macOS 10.15 or better.
  • Added backup & restore (.ssb backup files) to the File menu.
  • Added new Grid Mode layout style to show player.
  • New Change Colour button allows colour of songs in a show to be modified.
  • Add multi-select to Track Library and set timeline. Can now drag in, move and delete multiple tracks.
  • Multiple songs can be selected and moved in a show.
  • [Tracks > Delete] can now delete multiple selected tracks, along with the underlying audio files.
  • Added new [Tracks > Move] option to allow track library contents to be rearranged.
  • When dropping a new song into a show, the existing zoom level, scroll position and currently loaded song is saved.