DMXIS Platinum

Powerful light show control software for performers, DJs and designers.


Brand new for 2018, DMXIS Platinum is our next generation of lighting controller. With multiple universes of DMX control, advanced visual effects and video output, this is the perfect control software for performers wanting to design more ambitious automated light shows.

DMXIS Platinum is fully compatible with your existing DMXIS shows. And with our famous VST and Audio Unit plug-in support, you can automate your lighting and video playback within audio programs such as Ableton Live or Logic Pro.

DMXIS Platinum is available in three versions

DMXIS Platinum
US $199
DMXIS Platinum Projection
US $299
DMXIS Platinum Max
US $499
DMX Universes 2 2 16
2D Visualiser
Light Show FX Engine
Video Playback and Animated Video FX
Performance Buttons
DMX Output [1]
Art-Net Output
Touch-Friendly GUI

[1] via ENTTEC DMXIS hardware interface

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Just send an email to with your DMXIS serial number (from the barcode on the hardware) and we’ll send your discount voucher promptly.

System Requirements

DMXIS Platinum supports  PCs running Windows 10 and Macs running macOS 10.11 or better.

As a minimum, we suggest a computer with an Intel Core i3 processor and 4GB of memory. A solid state drive is highly recommended.

DMXIS Platinum makes extensive use of OpenGL. As an absolute minimum you need Intel HD Graphics 4400 integrated graphics, or equivalent.  (Some older chipsets such as HD Graphics 3000 will not work).

If you want to generate complex video output at higher resolutions, a modern Intel Core i7 (quad core) processor with 16GB of RAM and a capable discrete graphics card is highly recommended.

If you want to know if DMXIS Platinum will run on your computer, we highly recommend you try the Platinum demo first. The demo is fully functional and can be used to evaluate the suitability of your computer.

DMXIS Platinum Features

Unified control of DMX Lighting, LED Pixels and Video

Coming Soon!It doesn’t matter if you have a traditional DMX lighting rig, or addressable LED pixels like tape, panels or bars. Use the 2D Visualiser and the Light Show FX Engine’s graphical programming to seamlessly program any combination and arrangement of fixtures, along with a dedicated video output for projectors.

Up to 16 DMX Universes

All you need to control larger lighting rigs or mixed DMX/LED setups.

2D Visualiser

Coming Soon!For easier programming of lighting scenes.

Light Show FX Engine with Graphical Programming

Coming Soon!The all-new Light Show FX Engine generates advanced chases, visual effects and complex pixel-mapped animations, simply by drawing them on the 2D Visualiser. Any aspect of the FX can be synced to tempo or driven from audio.

Light Show FX are independent of the fixtures in your rig. Just position your PAR cans, light bars, moving heads, pixel tape – whatever – in the 2D Visualiser, and their colour and level is mapped in real time from the animations. So you can change your rig layout or add new fixtures without having to reprogram your entire show.

Video Playback and Sound-Animated Video FX

Coming Soon!Display video clips, high resolution custom gobos and other images to the audience by video projector. Any aspect of the projected image can be animated in sync to tempo or audio.

Team up Light Show FX and Video FX for unbeatable creative possibilities!

Performance Buttons

Coming Soon!Fast random access to presets via touchscreen, MIDI or OSC. Perfect for pairing up DMXIS Platinum with your favourite pad controller.

DMX and Art-Net Output

Coming Soon!Adds Art-Net support to the traditional DMX output offered via ENTTEC DMXIS hardware.

Touch-friendly User Interface

Coming Soon!A re-sizeable user interface, with fast access to all channel faders, and fast-patching tools for easy configuration of large numbers of fixtures.

Fully compatible with your old DMXIS shows

Coming Soon!Your existing DMXIS shows will work in DMXIS Platinum with no modification.

Run Standalone or as Plug-In

Coming Soon!DMXIS Platinum runs as standalone software, or as a VST or Audio Unit plug-in within compatible audio workstation software such as Ableton Live or Logic.