Updated 4 May 2022

Important – back up your data!

Before upgrading using any of the installers below,  make sure you have a full backup of your existing data.

Show Buddy Setlist 1.8.1

Full software installer,  recommended for all new users and users of earlier versions of Show Buddy.

Important: this release requires Show Buddy Active 2.1.6 or DMXIS 1.7.4 for lighting control. If you are running software older than this, you will need to upgrade!

If you do not yet own a license, the software runs in full demo mode. You can design and save full shows in demo mode – the only restriction is that the demo emits occasional bursts of noise in the audio. 

Show Buddy Setlist is the new name for Show Buddy. If you already own Show Buddy, you can upgrade to Show Buddy Setlist for free. Your existing programming will remain intact.

Show Buddy Active 2.1.6 (latest official release)

Recommended for all users. If you do not yet own a license, the software runs in full demo mode, which is identical to the full Show Buddy Active Projection product, but no DMX or Art-Net data is transmitted, and a watermark appears on the video window.

Show Buddy Active BETA 2.1.8

The latest software we have to offer, still in the testing phase.  Feel free to use this beta, but at your own risk. Backup your data before installing, and do not deploy for live gigs until you are 100% happy with the performance!

30 Aug 2022 – what’s new in the 2.1.8 beta?

  • Bug fix – song tempos now load correctly when used with Show Buddy Setlist.
  • Significant performance improvement for macOS users.
  • New MIDI options in Preferences.
    • Control which MIDI channel the software listens to.
    • Customise the MIDI remote triggering of banks & presets
  • New Preferences option: Sync oscillators to song position. Affecting the plug-in only, this allows oscillators to trigger when the preset is loaded, rather than syncing to the host song position.

DMXIS 1.7.4

This is the official latest release of DMXIS, and is recommended for all DMXIS and Show Buddy Setlist users.

Older releases are available here.

ArtNetMon (a free ArtNet monitoring utility)