How to import fixtures into D-PRO when no Internet connection is available

Question: How do I manually import fixture definitions from the online fixture editor into D-PRO, when the D-PRO computer does not have internet connectivity?

Currently, the only way to import fixtures into D-PRO is via the Patch Window, and this requires an internet connection (as it reads its data directly from the online fixture library).

A simple workaround is:

  • Install the D-PRO demo version on another computer with Internet connectivity.
  • Import the required fixtures into the demo (via the Patch Window)
  • Copy the Fixtures.dsf database file from the demo installation onto your real D-PRO installation.

The Fixtures.dsf file is a single database file that contains the entire D-PRO fixture library on that computer. It is located here:


  • Macintosh HD:/Library/Application Support/ENTTEC/D-Pro/Fixtures.dsf

Windows (32 bit)

  • C:/Program Files/ENTTEC/D-Pro (full version)/Fixtures.dsf
  • C:/Program Files/ENTTEC/D-Pro (2U version)/Fixtures.dsf

Windows (64 bit)

  • C:/Program Files (x86)/ENTTEC/D-Pro (full version)/Fixtures.dsf
  • C:/Program Files (x86)/ENTTEC/D-Pro (2U version)/Fixtures.dsf