Show Buddy Setlist

Show Buddy Setlist

Show Buddy Setlist organises your gigs, plays your backing tracks, runs your light show, and controls your MIDI equipment – leaving you free to concentrate on a great performance!

Show Buddy Setlist requires Show Buddy Active or DMXIS to control your lighting. For video playback, Show Buddy Active is required.

“What can I say, I’m loving Show Buddy so much. It has pretty much negated the need to use Ableton Live for my show control.” – Neil James, UK
“It’s freaking awesome… The more gigs I do the more private bookings and nice comments I get .. Show Buddy and DMXIS is a game changer” Steve Forward, UK

Here, Show Buddy Setlist is playing Steve’s backing tracks and running the fully synchronised light show. Everything is hands-free and fully automated, leaving Steve free to concentrate on his (awesome) performance.

The next video shows the absolute basics – how to get up & running with Show Buddy Setlist & DMXIS from scratch.

Here is an overview of all the Show Buddy Setlist features.

See more videos with more features at the end of this page!


  • Designed from the ground up for Show Buddy Active & DMXIS users.
  • Easy to use drag & drop interface.
  • Visual overview of lighting cues, fade in/out times and MIDI events.
  • Track library for managing songs, Show library for managing playlists.

Show Buddy Setlist gives you fully automated hands-free sound & light, but in an extremely user friendly interface, customised to the needs of the gigging professional. It’s ideal for those wanting the simplest possible way to create a fully automated sound & light show.

Tutorial videos

Release 1.1.0 adds control of external MIDI devices, and exporting to MIDI files, see this tutorial:

Release 1.2.0 main features:

System Requirements

  • Show Buddy Setlist requires a Mac running macOS 10.12 (or better) or a PC running Windows 10 or better