Using the powerful fade feature in Show Buddy

In DMXIS, you fade from one preset to the next using the Fade to next knob in the Preset Manager page. You can specify only one global fade time for each preset.

DMXIS fade to next

Show Buddy overrides your Fade to next settings with a much more powerful and visual fade mechanism.

Show Buddy fade none

In Show Buddy, notice that each cue has a yellow diamond marker. Just click & drag on these markers to change the fade time. This is more flexible than the standard Fade to next technique, because every cue on the timeline has its own fade time – even when you drag in the same preset in multiple times.

Because this is a visual process, it’s also a breeze to make your fades start & finish right on the beat. This screenshot shows a cue fading-in over exactly 3 beats…

Show Buddy fade 3 beats

If you use momentary cues to overlay special FX, you can set different fade times at the start & end of each cue. The next screenshot shows a spotlight fading in over 2 beats, and fading out over exactly 4 beats…

Show Buddy fade 3

This advanced visual fading lets you create slick looking theatrical-style transitions between cues. This is only possible using Show Buddy. It cannot be achieved with the DMXIS plug-in or the DMXIS standalone!