Using masked presets & momentary cues in Show Buddy

Say you have a couple of blinders on DMX channels 23 & 24. You want to independently fire this blinder on & off within Show Buddy, without affecting the settings of the other lights.

  • In the DMXIS window, create a new bank called Blinders
  • Run the Channel Masks > Disable all channels macro. All channels faders appear grayed out.
  • Drag ONLY the channel 23 & 24 faders to maximum. This will automatically enable them.

  • Save this as preset Full in the Blinders bank.
  • Drag the channels 23 & 24 faders to minimum. Save this as preset Off in the Blinders bank.

Now you can drag the Full preset onto your song in Show Buddy. A new momentary cue appears at the bottom of the waveform.

Position it and change the length as necessary. At the start of the cue, Show Buddy loads the Full preset, and at the end of the cue it loads the Off preset – all without affecting your other lights.

The important preset here is the Off preset. The presence of this special preset makes all other cues in that bank momentary cues. (Note that the name is case sensitive – it must be “Off“, not “OFF“).

You can add further cues to the bank as needed – for example a preset called “Half” which sets faders 23 & 24 to 50% level.